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Ariel's Reiki
Let it go - let it flow

Date: 2009-07-31 00:39
Subject: Moving out of the way - a Reiki lesson
Security: Public
Tags:animal reiki
Earlier today I rescued a sweet little rat from unhappy circumstances. He was VERY severely wounded; it was a miracle he was still alive when I found him.

So I picked him up (gently!), all scared and hardly moving, and looked him over. Without any intent, my hands lit up as he began pulling Reiki through me... and pulled, and pulled some more. When I tried to focus on it, the flow began to dry up. So, stop focussing.

I held him for a while, as he began to recover, then started bruxing. For non-rat people, "bruxing" is simply the rat grinding his teeth together. It's a sign of contentment, or being happy, similar to a cat's purr.

After he started cleaning himself a bit, and was able to take some food and water, I put him in the isolation cage I keep for sick rats, and left him alone. I came back later for another session, and discovered once again that as long as I wasn't focussed on channelling, it was amazing how much I could feel flowing through me.

After he was done receiving everything he wanted and needed, back to the cage.

A few hours later, he was much more alert, and so I brought him back out once again. And again, that same tremendous, yet gentle, flow of Reiki. I noticed he'd finally stopped bleeding, so applied some of my home-made healing salve. And then continued holding him in my lap, gently cupping my left hand around him as he occassionally rearranged himself to get what he needed, where it was needed. And my hands felt almost painfully tingly.... as long as I wasn't trying to focus. He lay there, ever so gently bruxing.

A little bit ago, he suddenly perked up and started running around my lap, exploring his world. After that, he poked his head back under my hand for more Reiki.. and yet again, that same tingle and flow, as long as I wasn't TRYING.

(At this moment in time he is poking around and exploring again.)

So.. in the space of about 12 hours, he has walked from death's door to a place of hope, and I expect he will be a wonderful new addition to the family of 5 rats I already have. I honestly didn't think he was going to survive.

It's funny, I honestly don't feel like any of this turnaround is because of me, it was because of him, and I was only the energetic conduit.

But it feels like I've witnessed a miracle, from this morning to now.

And there he goes, trying to climb off my lap now.

Typical rat! :D

(Welcome to your new home, little one.)
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Date: 2008-12-02 06:23
Subject: The Power of TEH REIKI
Security: Public
Location:the Rat Cave
I wasn't sure whether to post this under bb_ratlings or here, and decided to put it here.

Anyway.. Shaman, the little brown rat who has always been one of the most sensitive rats in the group, was getting progressively more and more depressed after Blackberry's death. He was losing weight, alowing down, and starting to have difficulty breathing, among other things.

This last weekend I was sure he was going to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I'd seen this before with rats - extremely labored breathing, body starting to go cold, unable to move very much at all.. usually gone within the next twelve hours.

What I've done in the past when I see this happening is hold the rat, and channel some Reiki for them, and let them know how much I love them, and if it's time to move on, so be it. Maybe Reiki will help them let go a little easier.

So.. cradling Shaman in my left arm, petting him gently, letting him know it's OK to stay or go, channelling Reiki. I was keeping an open mind and not putting any intention into the flow, just letting it flow. He relaxed totally, closed his eyes a bit, and soon started bruxing.

For non-rat owners, this is the ratty equivalent of a cat purring. It is when a rat starts grinding their teeth sideways, with a very distinctive sound.. You can feel it in the whole body, with the vibrations. When they really get going, their eyes start popping in and out of their skull. A bit disturbing when you first see it, but once you understand what's going on, it' really cool. :D

Anyway, he was doing the power bruxing, still totally relaxed and content. I held him until he started wriggling to be put back down.

So yeah, he's still not doing all that well, but his energy is better, and he is happier.

The next day, he was still moving around the cage, so I spent time comforting him with petting and more Reiki. He's not having the same problems breathing.

Monday, he's still with us, so more of the same. This morning, he's breathing just fine, is bright eyed and much happier and is putting some of his weight back on. \\\Yay!!///

Love or Reiki? Both? Neither? not sure. doesn't matter.

I *do* know that the choice was up to him, whether to stay or go. I know that Reiki can help either way. This is the first time it seems to have helped a beloved pet decide to stick around for a while.

I'm glad he decided to stick around a while. :)
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Date: 2008-03-16 09:28
Subject: Reiki communion, part 2
Security: Public
Earlier, I tried something I learned in the Level III class. S---- has been sick lately, and I offered Reiki, and he took me up on it. So, I started out with channelling through my hands, and then got a nudge to move on to turning my entire body into a channel. We'd tried it in class, and it seemed to be something the teacher was showing us to try out more on our own.

(Just about all the class fell into that category, where we experienced and tried out a lot of different things, stuffed into three days, and the knowledge and experience was being passed on for us to explore at our own pace after we got back home.)

And so, setting the intent for S--- to receive what he needed, and having S---- intend to receive what he needed, I expanded out the energy to encompass my entire body, and let it flow through me to him. Once I stopped trying to force it, and simply allowed it to go, it felt wonderful.

It felt something like performing reiju, except with a different intent and working with different aspects of the Reiki Energy. I felt Reiki energy enclosing both of us in a great big huge loving Reiki hug, while at the same time I continued chanelling Reiki through my hands to areas that needed more specific attention.

I asked him what it felt like afterward, and he said it was like being under a sun lamp.

I've never experienced an ecstatic Reiki healing session until now. It was beautiful. It wasn't the hands-flinging-up-in-the-air, "hallelujah brother" driven sort of ecstasy; it was more of a very quiet and internal Joy.

It's communion with another soul. The ways and reasons for connecting change, but at the heart it's the connection and the sharing.

Being One with the energy doesn't require you to be in meditation, or any sort of special setup. It can just happen.

On Friday, I was at a gathering at a local coffee shop. Many of the local pagans do this every Friday - it makes for a nice transition between work and weekend. As I was sitting there, I started semi-intentionally channelling Reiki through my entire body, with no more thought than to simply let it go, and for anybody who might want some to take as much as they wanted or needed. I could feel the energy pulling through me very strongly for almost an hour. I didn't get tired at all; if anything, I just kept feeling more energized. And the atmosphere was great - there was lots of laughter and enjoyment, and even some of the group singing songs for the rest of us.

I don't know if I'll be doing this at every Friday coffee gathering, but I'll do it when it seems like a good idea.

Onward with the Journey. :)
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Date: 2008-03-13 13:00
Subject: Reiki Communion
Security: Public
My self-treatment was very different today.

Instead of using symbols and trying to channel specific energy, I simply asked for what I needed at that moment in time, and let the energy flow, and flow, and flow. And I was One with it. I was Reiki, Reiki was me, and it was flowing in and out so wonderfully, and I've never felt that total connection and beautiful slow sacred dance with the energy before.

I saw flowing light and colors, and many different impressions and visions that were dreamlike and seemed like things I needed to release without needing to remembering. It all flowed by, and I simply experienced it as it flowed, not trying to intellectualize or understand it.

For most self-treatments I usually fall asleep, and it's almost an external process, as if the energy were working ON me. This time, I was awake throughout, and I was working WITH the energy, and I finally understood that I don't need to go to another Reiki practitioner to receive the energy, that EVERYTHING I need is right here with me. Of course, I can still go to another energy practitioner if I like... but I don't NEED to. I can continue to use Reiki boxes, but I don't need to. I can continue to work with every other external tool I've been using, but I don't need to.

(The crystal skulls seem different, somehow. I'm not sure why yet, but I'll learn in due time. I think it has something to do with them being teachers.)

The energy clearing this time around feels "sharper", somehow, and I keep seeing images of large rocks being moved out of a stream, as if I've been clearing away all the small stuff before, but now I can finally clear away the big stuff. And yet, while I will experience SOME of it, I don't need to experience ALL of it, and that I can allow the rest to simply flow away and be released, and that these are things I don't need anymore.

Being completely open and trusting and becoming One with the Energy is the key to, and a part of, the process. And the process will happen as it needs to, as it's supposed to, and I don't need to force it, or worry about it.

And from that, everything else flows.
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Date: 2008-03-10 16:40
Subject: I'm back, and it will never be the same again
Security: Public
After completing the Shinpiden course over this past weekend with Frans Stiene, I will never look at Reiki the same way again. It was a spiritual awakening, and my life will never be the same again, especially if I continue working with this new information as devotedly as I did with the old.

I just looked at my last blog about Reiki, and I already disagree with some of the things in there. Heh.

I have a LOT of stuff to process about this, and it's going to take a while.

Fortunately I have several places to go, online and locally, where I can talk about this.

I have only a vague idea as to where I will take this, personally and professionally. I knew I would be able to pass on the necessary attunements after I got back; what I didn't expect is that I wouldn't feel qualified (yet) to pass on the teachings.

I might be qualified to teach Shoden/Level 1. I will need to work more with the different symbols before I feel like I can properly and responsibly teach Okuden/Level 2. Shinpiden/Level 3? Heh. Not for quite a while.

It feels like I've stepped into a new space, and I can (at this moment in time) barely grasp how far I can go in that new space. This new space is infinite, and I will explore it one step at a time.
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Date: 2008-02-28 09:18
Subject: Reiki, philisophical (a bit)
Security: Public
Tags:reiki misc
In 8 days I fly outta here to Colorado to take the teaching level training for Reiki. I know there's more advanced training above and beyond the first three levels. Karuna comes to mind, but for now, being certified as a Reiki teacher will be more than enough.

I like that the training will be focussed on traditional Japanese methods. In my experience, I've learned that Reiki can't necessarily be bound by "traditional" methods, but I've seen that the Japanese teachings can lay an extremely solid foundation for exploring more and letting Reiki teach you your own style. If it weren't for this foundation, I would be as ungrounded and squirrelly as the freshest Level 1 student. I've seen plenty of practitioners (some even call themselves Masters) who don't seem to believe that meditation is necessary to work with Reiki. They never seem able to calm down, and the energy I'm picking up from them is only partially Reiki. The meditations are absolutely necessary for clearing, and grounding, and shielding, so you can continue to channel the pure Reiki and not mix it with something else. I know there's other energies that can be channelled besides Reiki, but I have a feeling that the non-meditators tend to draw more and more on their own personal power to make up for the Reiki deficit. What an awesome way to burn yourself out, and you'd probably never understand why. ("Bu.. bu.. I was ATTUNED! Why doesn't it work?!? Why am I so sick all the time? Is the attunement broken? etc., etc.)

I will be forever grateful to my teacher for teaching me that solid groundwork I needed. I am grateful to myself for applying the techniques and sticking with it.

My understanding is that if you work with the higher energies, you better damned well be working to keep yourself grounded, or you will be hurting. Meditation is the best way to ground I've found so far. My teacher has taught me the progression should be to learn a few basic meditation techniques in the first level. Then, in the second level, you learn how to combine the techniques, with the sum being much greater than the parts. In third level, which I'll be taking next week, there will be many more advanced techniques to learn.

I don't know all the ways working with Reiki and the combined meditation techniques has helped me. I know it's helping me develop spiritually and I know it's helping me develop psychically. I know there's many more subtle levels its working on also. I don't need to know what they are.... just let it flow, and let it go, and it will do as it will, and ha it will be for my highest Good.

I've been seeing that Reiki will work with everything and make it better. I've seen that it will work with other energies - Reiki blends right in and makes them even more effective. It turns the ordinary into the spiritual. Charging food or water not only makes it taste better (and probably better for you), but it turns the food and water into a sort of sacrament, if you're paying attention. With sex, it will deepen the connection between you and your beloved, beyond what you thought could be possible. Reiki is sort of the ultimate spiritual condiment. :D

The attunement and connection CANNOT be lost, and it will change you forever.

It's helped me understand, finally, what being touched by the Divine is like.
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Date: 2008-02-21 09:28
Subject: Experiencing healing
Security: Public
Location:the rat cave
Music:Cat Stevens, "On the Road to Find Out"
Tags:spiritual adventures
For me, the best and most intense experiences almost always seem to happen spontaneously. I know this doesn't have much to do with Reiki specifically, but I've noticed this journal has been turning more into a blog of my spiritual Journey, instead of just the Reiki. Eh, it all goes together. :D

This morning, I was intending to sit down and do my usual morning meditation (which is also my usual evening meditation, but that's something for another entry).

I sat in front of the altar, and prepared to start. As I was clearing my mind, getting in the proper headspace, I suddenly felt I needed to instead work through a visualization/meditation a friend had taught me about a week ago.

This exercise is deceptively simple: cross ankles and wrists, with fingertips on brow, then visualize an emotion transformed to a geometric shape. You then become a part of it, while at the same time not allowing it to become yourself (unless it's one you want to bring into yourself).

I started to work with Fear (which, incidentally, in my visualizations, shows as a sort of roundish shape, hunched close to the ground; spiky, painfully so, erratically flashing red and black with random loud sounds, hot and cold, smelling like despair). As I began, I noticed a small figure coming out from behind the shape. I recognized her; I've spent a lot of time being with her, and working with her. It was my Younger Self, who is always part of me, but sometimes likes to be her very own Self.

She/I was afraid, but at the same time daring to trust.

I felt, and saw, the Fear shifting to Compassion. Compassion, in this visualization, was roundish and a pale lime green, soft, fuzzy, warm, gentle, comforting, and loving. The sounds and smells are subtle and indescribable; you wouldn't even be able to notice them unless you were paying attention.

I welcomed her, took her in my arms, hugged her as close as she would allow. We stood up, holding hands, and walked towards Compassion. We walked around it, just experiencing what it had to teach us, then went inside Compassion. As we stood there, I could feel something starting breaking up inside - something that needed to break, something that has been part of the root of the Fear - and tears started to flow. It didn't feel like the usual hopeless weeping, like a child alone in the middle of the night. Instead, it felt incredibly cleansing. We held each other for a while, simply Being, simply loving each other, and accepting ourselves and each other for who we are. I told her/myself I loved her/myself, held her/myself close and just Was, letting the Compassion flow in and out. As we were doing this, the shape of Compassion moved back and forth between embracing us in a sort of group hug to pulling back and just providing a safe place to love each other. It went from pale green to a much deeper green and cycled through shades of green. With the Compassion, I also felt Gratitude for her choosing to be there with me.

When it was time to go, we came back out of Compassion. I thanked her/myself for being there with me, and for being willing to come out and share this with me. I told her she was ALWAYS welcome to come back, whenever she wanted. I let her go, and she walked back behind Compassion and blinked out.

I thanked the Spirits at my altar for guiding me there. (Thank you, O thank you, for this chance to rest for a while.)

I've been savoring this feeling of serenity and love. I know the Fear hasn't magically all gone away, but for the moment I don't have to live with it.

This Journey is magical, and wonderful, and sometimes quite painful, but always worthwhile.
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Date: 2008-02-06 10:04
Subject: Reiki Prayer to the Elements
Security: Public
Location:the rat cave
I originally posted a version of this on my main blog.

Since then, I've revised it, and think putting the end result in my Reiki blog is a better choice.


The Five Reiki Precepts:

Just for today, do not anger.
Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, work honestly.
Just for today, be grateful.
Just for today, be kind.

The precepts are the core of the Reiki spiritual philosophy. Each practioner has their own version; this is mine. Of course, I like to recite different variations during my meditation; it keeps me from turning the concepts into dogma I never think about once I'm done saying them.

I thought about how these could work with the five elements, and here's the result:

Give me the Peace to stay serene and allow my anger to flow away

Give me the Will to stay focused and allow my worry to vanish

Give me the Stability to stay grounded and allow my work to keep growing

Give me the Passion to stay joyful and allow my gratitude to continue warming me

Give me the Unconditional Love to stay compassionate and allow my kindness to serve all that lives

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Date: 2008-02-04 22:33
Subject: Carnival of Reiki
Security: Public
One of my blog posts has been featured in the Carnival of Reiki.


It's cool seeing my name in there with some of the best writers in the field. :D
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Date: 2008-01-26 23:15
Subject: Reiki bandages
Security: Public
Something I've been playing around with in my sessions:

If there is something hurt in the person's body, I visualize wrapping the hurt in a colored ribbon of light, after I have channelled Reiki into it. This hurt can be physical, or something like one of the chakras, or even an emotion.

It's a gift that keeps on giving :)

It seems to work very nicely, too.
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